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TYL®- Cell Cork Filler

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Product Description

As TYL-Cell Cork Filler owes its success to the cellular constitution of the cork, the cells contain 50% of air and have water-proof and expandable walls. When TYL-Cell Cork Filler expanded in the pressure-cooker, does not lose these qualities but improve them. That is why TYL-Cell Cork Filler is so used in the building and construction industries.

1.Thermal insulation of floors
2.Thermal insulation of doors
3.In interior decoration, serving also as insulator
4.Against stem condensation
5.As gaskets
6.Insulation against the structures vibration
74.Insulation against machine vibration

1.Does not emit gases, such as anhydride and carbon monoxide
2.Excellent life insurance
3.No corrosive effect

Density :220+20kg/m3
Compression :43.7%
Recovery, min :80%
Flexibility :3.5
Extrusion (at 50% Compression) :0.25 in (max)
Attack from rodents, termites, acids :Immune
Attack from termites:Immune
Mixed functions (heat, sound vibration, decoration):Good

Sheet thickness :10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 ,50 and 100mm.
Sheet size :2’ x 3’per sheet


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