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Amerasia DM10

Drain Mat / 排水墊


Ameraisa DM10 is prefabricated sheet drain system provides a high water-permeability blanket layer for near vertical drainage behind retaining walls and bridge abutments.

Like composite drainage layer, it features a geotextile filter fabric, but wrapped over only one side of thermoplastic core. The water permeability is a composite drainage layer typically exceeds 8 meters of and sand and/ or 3 meters of gravel and provides substantial savings.

The material is designed to withstand, with unimpeded flow and withstand, soil pressures which are typically far higher than actually encountered in the field, giving a wide margin of safety when tamping down.

Drain Mat also provides a waterproofing membrane through the supporting core for the filter cloth facing. The unique core geometry permits an open back – particularly valuable in assisting in the waterproofing of retaining walls and cellars, while also allowing any condensation to evaporate from between the core and the concrete wall.

Specification Compliance

  • BS6906

  • ASTM D4533

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