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Bontec SG20/20F

Woven Geotextile / 疏水布 / 土工布


Bontec SG20/20F is a Woven geotextile, it is textile materials consisting of regular planar structures formed by weaving from the interweaving of a number of threads (warp and weft, perpendicular to each other) which allow to obtain a fabric with excellent mechanical properties and regular openings, even the smallest ones. In relation to the section of the fiber and the type of weaving geotextiles are divided into two main families: monofilament fabrics (polyester) and woven geotextiles straps (polypropylene).

Specification Compliance

  • EN ISO 10319

  • EN ISO 12236

  • EN ISO 13433

  • EN ISO 11058

  • EN ISO 12956

  • EN ISO 9863

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