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Coldseal 20090

Two Parts Polyurethane Sealant / 馬路膠


Coldseal 200/90 is a cold applied, two part modified polyurethane cold applied sealant for sealing joints in concrete paved areas, roads, bridge decks, airfield runways and warehouses. It is capable of accommodating above average movement, and severe climatic conditions. Coldseal 200/90 is highly adherent to most materials commonly used in construction. It is available in pouring grade only.

Coldseal 200/90 is resistant to fuel, oil and hydraulic fluid spillage, will not harden in cold weather nor become excessively soft or pick up in hot conditions. Coldseal 200/90 has high durability and a long service lift which significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Specification Compliance

  • BS5212 : 1990 Part 1 Type N

  • G.S. Clause 10.12(1)

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