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Nonwoven Geotextile / 疏水布 / 土工布


Terram is a non-woven geotextile and allow the passage of water yet still prevent intermixing of stone and soil has meant these filter/separators are being used every day around the globe. At one end of the scale, it could be a remote unpaved haul road or, at the other, a major highway connecting international business centres. It prevents intermixing of sub-base and subgrade layers. This intermixing causes a loss in bearing strength, as the stone layer becomes progressively contaminated, resulting in failure in the form of deformation. This can be remedied if it’s an unpaved area/road by filling the ruts but even this can be uneconomic or unacceptable if stone has to be imported over long distances at a later date.

Specification Compliance

  • EN ISO 9864

  • EN ISO 10319

  • EN ISO 12236

  • BS6906

  • ASTMD4533

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