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TYL®- Bond Breaker Tape

Bond Breaker Tape / 石屎夾縫膠紙


TYL-Bond Breaker Tape is a polyethylene film with adhesive applied to one side which is used to separate the base of the sealant void from the joint filler thus ensuring a correct two-sided bond. Where a joint sealant is applied to a square or rectangular void, the base of the void should be separated from the sealant. This ensures that the sealant adheres to the vertical faces of the joint only and prevents a three-sided bond thereby avoiding premature sealant failure. The Bond Breaker Tape also acts as an isolation strip when used on bitumen based joint filler boards thus preventing the bitumen in the board contaminating the joint sealant and preventing full cure of the sealant taking place. It can cover the full width of the groove.

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