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TYL®- Dowel Bar

Dowel Bar / 鐵支


TYL-Dowel Bar is plain round bar and the ability of a joint or rack in crack in concrete pavement to transfer load from one slab to the newt through shear action. Good load transfer improves concrete pavement performance by reducing tensile stresses in concrete, reducing corner deflection, and reducing differential deflection.

TYL-Dowel Bar is a rehabilitation technique for increasing the load transfer capability of existing joined Portland cement concrete pavement. This is accomplished by placing dowel bars across joint or cracks that exhibit poor load transfer. Our concrete doweling system is consist of the following products:

  • A mild steel or hot dip galvanized or stainless steel dowel bar

  • A PVC dowel sleeve

  • A Compressible Filler

  • A cradle bent

Specification Compliance

  • BS4449:1997 & BS4449:1988

  • Grade 250 / 275 in according with construction standard 2( CS2)

  • BE EN ISO 1461:2009

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