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Corporate Social Responsibility

Publish Date 2011-12-17
The company is convinced that long-term development of an institution founded on a firm commitment to implement its stakeholders and their respective societies. Apart from careful hospitality with sincerity, to create the ideal return, but also to contribute to the community, to protect the environment, and safety, health and development staff as their duty.

In 2009, the company formally develop social responsibility policy declaration to announce the Company's employees, the environment and the community's commitment and commitment.

As a company incorporated in Hong Kong, the company is convinced that the long-term development of the company, is built on a firm commitment to implement their business stakeholders and their respective communities.

Determined to become the eyes of the customer in addition to the outstanding performance of the company, we are also committed to promoting the Conde and staff development, environmental conservation, and we belong to the community welfare and progress, depending on the mission. Therefore, we have developed a corporate social responsibility policy of the declaration of a statement to announce Co. employees, the environment and community commitment and commitment.

Caring for the environment
We are committed systematically in business operations and personal level, efficient use of energy and natural resources, and reduce waste and pollution generation and emissions.

Community Care
We are committed to the construction of the company's overall "Off • Love" corporate culture, and contribute resources to support community charitable and educational training activities.

This policy is eligible for full support of the Board of Directors, and is equipped with the required resources for effective implementation. The policy with particular emphasis on promoting employee participation. Management of each business unit is responsible for determining and adopt appropriate systems, certification and routine, and depending on the direction of the policy, development of indicators to assess results. We encourage employees to invest time and resources, and actively participate in social services, and provide holidays and sponsor appropriate to make support.

Our goal is to build not only reflect the corporate commitment, but to play a full strength, and actively fulfill their social responsibilities.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

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